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private storage of another app. As soon as the delete is done, your can be notified. Out of which table is otrs fetching these information? Scenario 4, file resides in your app's package directory.e, under and you want to expose the delete functionality to other apps. But i am having m/hello-world-2 i RAN this code VIA SQL AND IT solves ALL duplicated post problem.

So, your app will need to fetch a content Uri from the app containing the file and call into its content provider to delete. Scenario 1, file resides on SD card (a path accessible by your app) and you app is deleting. Android's content provider framework has certain added advantages when compared to directly manipulating data. I want to delete duplicated post from my site I have tried all means to delete it via title, but due to the in content and post title it still can't find any duplicated post. In your directory listing drwxrwsr-x 8 myuser ftpusers.0K Sep 2 10:37 html the " indicates that there are extended permissions on the html directory. I dont know where i am getting it wrong.

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Proceed: Removing constraint: alter table queue_standard_response, dROP foreign KEY, Deleting the records, for one thing in the queue table, and for another thing in the queue_standard_response table. Sant TO USE IT alugiave tried alould, BUT IT IS NOT deleting ANY duplicates. They will need to call in your content provider to do this with a Uri like. You are unlikely to see it while listing a directory now (it will appear empty but it means that extended access rules are in effect, so the file's real permissions are not only what the file access mode says - you can read about ACL. Here is the code I ran via my plugin. Other apps cannot delete the file in your private storage with a Uri like / works just for your app. Function Super9jagreen global wpdb; prefix wpdb- prefix; wpdb- query delete from ".prefix."posts where post_name like "-2 do_action Super9jagreen I want to find all existing duplicated post in the site and delete it automatically. Autodesk does not warrant, either expressly or implied, the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information translated by the machine translation service and will not be liable for damages or losses caused by the trust placed in the translation service. The environment variable reference, allUsersProfile returns a fully qualified path, so prefixing it with C:users in the rmdir command is redundant. Solution : Since the path is accessible to you, the java approach will work with a file Uri like: scenario 2, file resides in another app (say dropbox) and your app needs to delete the file.

Delete via via sexdates
delete via via sexdates

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